Advertising GRPs and Investment

Advertising Campaign Exposure

With iReports, you can know exactly in which directions and according to which trends the advertising market is moving. With our app you will able to analyse this from different angles and perspectives, for instance by media. iReports also ensures you are able to measure of your brands and their competitors.

Know who works with who

At the distance of one click, you can know exactly which advertisers were behind the results of a given vehicle. Data on each advertisers engagement with a given vehicle is supported  as well as data on which vehicles a particular advertiser most used. iReports allows you to combine TGI, Recall, Spot Creativities, Clipping and Social Media to complement your Advertiser Exposure analysis. 

Get an overview of top advertising vehicles

With our partnership you can get a clean summary of the top advertising vehicles. This information includes GRP and Investment value data and it is available to different media types like television, press, radio, internet and more.

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