Fast and Intuitive

Overview or In-Depth Research

iReports allows you to be always on top of what is trending and what is not. This app displays much needed information in an pleasant and intuitive way.

Go a step further in your research

With iReports you can have an extensive source of information on not only the tops and channels evolutions, you can get extremely detailed information on any show or spot. From a summarized overview, iReports allows the drill-downing in order to obtain detailed information in a smart very smart approach. 

Different from the others

Unlike other apps on the market, iReports’ focus is not reserved to a neat display of information. iReports users can use the app as a research platform as it allows them to take full advantage of desegregate data and studies’ integrations. This will allow you to analyze not only different targets, but to analyze different time-bands, different currencies, different regions and to cross these parameters, creating invaluable inputs for your decision making.

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