What you will be able to do

include live & realtime

Markdata strives to innovate and to pass this innovation onto our partners. By providing Live and Real Time data we will bring you two different realities for your research approach.

Research Advertising data

For any Advertiser and Competitive Brand, getting the earliest and the most detailed access to information is key. Get iReports to remain one step ahead of your competition.

Engage with overviews

Get clean and handy overviews with our modules. In addition to this it also sports the more powerful characteristics, allowing you to use iReports as a platform to get to know in detail how you fared.

plug in Social Media

Use iReports to get to know how social media is reacting to a certain show, brand or social tv. We leave at your disposal information on several social media platforms.

Open Creativities

Need to analyse a spot creativity? You don’t need to leave the app. In iReports you can see and watch any of the spots, in any media and get to know their complete technical details and timelines.

Run Program Grid Results

Program Grids are the best way of getting a dense intake of information. For that reason, we provide data rich grids without sacrificing usability and design.


Is important to detect and study trends from earliest time possible. For this reason our app, complete with program Tops, we have designed iReports help you do just that.

Study your audience

Bring Business Intelligence to your decision making, by combining different studies from different providers and different perspectives of data.

Markdata has a long history of success and innovation.

About Us


is one of the world’s leading software houses in the audience analysis market. It is also a unique international Software house in being independent from Data Sources so we are able to deal with different kinds of data and studies from multiple providers. Present in over 30 countries and being one of the world’s pioneers in this market, Markdata has been continuously helping analysts and business leaders getting reliable information for over 30 years. In this time and with this experience we have created the software that best combines design, ease-of-use and research power. As a software house we believe that what really drives innovation and value creation are human beings. In this sense, we do not see ourselves as a simple software providing company, we see ourselves as your partners and as your support in the audience analysis market.

  • Speed
  • Power
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An Experienced Team to help you succeed
José manuel oliveira
José manuel oliveira
Degree in Economics, via Universidade Nova de Lisboa. José Manuel has a been vital part of the group ever since 1985 when he took charge of managing the development of data analysis software. José Manuel now combines the roles of COO and CEO in the Marktest group.
Francisco Gimenez
Francisco Gimenez
Sales Manager
Degree in Statistics and Operational Investigation, via Universidade Complutense de Madrid. In 1996, Francisco started as a Commercial Technician in Marktest Spain. Becoming Markdata’s Sales Manager in 2004, he continues building bridges between us and our partners,
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva
Software Development Coordinator
Degree in Applied Mathematics. Paulo Silva started, in 1991, as a software programmer , progressing onto more coordinating roles. All throughout, he has been leading innovation in both the domestic and external media markets by implementing new methodologies.


Did you know Markdata is global? We are present in more than 30 countries.

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